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Price Match Guarantee Competitive Rates

At Forkserve, we’re so committed to you getting the best deal on forklift hire and sales that we’ll match any of our competitor’s pricing. Speak to us today about exactly how we can help.

Servicing everywhere between Newcastle, Katoomba and Port Kembla

For all of your forklift needs

Forkserve are a leading full service forklift provider. Our team of expert technicians are ready to service/repair your existing equipment onsite and on-time. We’re the exclusive NSW Dealer for Heli Forklifts and have an extensive range of quality new and used forklifts for sale and hire.

We have a variety of forklift models from all the leading brands.

Our fast and friendly service can supply All Terrain Forklifts, Gas and Electric Forklifts, Diesel and High Reach Forklifts.

Speak to us about the great forklift hire deals that we can make your business.

The best forklift hire that Sydney has to offer:

At All Areas Forklift Hire, we make it easy to rent the perfect equipment for your job and budget. Below are just some of the reasons why we’re the stand out choice:

Flexible Hire Options

Our flexible hiring options allows you access to our range of forklifts all year round, hire from one day to one year, the choice is totally yours.

Always Serviced

All forklifts are extensively serviced & maintained every 2 months or 200 hours (whichever comes first) ensuring best operability.

Price Guarantee

We know we have the cheapest prices and if we don’t then we will match any quoted price…we guarantee it!

Fast Friendly Service

At All Areas Forklift Hire we are here to help with any queries you have and we pride ourselves on our service reputation.

  • Regular services every 2 months or 200 hours (Whichever comes first)
  • Our forklifts can be painted to match your fleet
  • Please call us if the forklift make and model is not listed
Who are we?

We are Fork Serve, Australia’s leading suppliers of forklift related services. We pride ourselves on offering dependable equipment to suit every business.
From Port Kembla and Katoomba right through to Newcastle and everywhere in between; we’ve helped countless businesses to enjoy the functionality of a forklift – or add a brand-new vehicle to their fleet.

At Fork Serve we prioritise one thing above all else – and that’s helping our clientele get the very best deal when servicing, renting or buying a forklift. But we don’t stop there.

Our team offer advice, support and guidance; So regardless of your situation, we make it our business to ensure that your business gets the best possible outcome.
We even offer a price match guarantee, helping you to save thousands and ensuring that you get the best deal.

How we help?

For a start, we consider it our responsibility to help you to choose right forklift truck for you. Sure, they may all look similar but there are so many unique features and factors to think about when choosing the right machine that we wouldn’t blame you for feeling overwhelmed.

From the battery and the fuel type, right through to the size and even the styles of load that need to be carried; helping you to find the ideal truck for the task at hand is what we do best.

Our range:

We have a huge range of makes and models in our arsenal, including: Toyota, Nissan, Yale, BT, Crown and Raymond. With our flexible leasing options, you could hire for a day, a week, a year, or as long as you want.

So whether you’re looking for an all-terrain forklift, a gas (lpg), electric, counter balance or even a high reach truck, we’ve got you covered. We even take care of the maintenance to keep your machines serviceable whilst under lease, with regular check-ups taking place every couple of months, or every 200 hours, for your reassurance.

Want to get the best deal for your business?

With our price match guarantee, you’ll be able to take advantage of some of the lowest rental and purchase prices around – without losing out on our award-winning customer service, our incredible range of expertise and our seamless leasing procedures.

Over the years we have helped people just like you to save thousands.

Can we help with issues after rental or purchase?

If you hire from us, you’ll be pleased to hear that we undertake regular maintenance to ensure that your truck stays in top working order. If you buy from us, we even offer extensive services to maintain your forklift well into the future – allowing you to enjoy your new asset with minimal fuss.

What about back up options and replacements?

Just in case your truck stops being as functional as you need it to be, we can offer courtesy options to keep your business progressing, while helping to get your original forklift back to action as soon as possible (conditions apply).

Please check our rental terms and conditions or ask us for specific warrantee information for more details about how we can help with courtesy machines.

Where possible, we may be able to provide a replacement to match your model until your machine is back up and running – which shouldn’t be too long, as our mechanical engineers are some of the most highly trainedin the industry.

Why choose us?

Our team are fast, friendly and committed to finding the very best deal to suit your business. They are on hand to answer your questions and look after your needs (pre and post-sale). We have the services needed to see you through your entire business life cycle (from initial purchase through to servicing/repair and future sales or upgrades).

Want to learn more?

If you’d like more details on our terms of hiring, we have plenty of information on our terms and conditionspage, as well as an FAQ section to help answer any common enquiries that you might have.

Get in touch with our friendly team today to learn more, or to see if we can connect you with the right type of truck (and borrowing option) for your needs.

How to choose the right Forklifts for Your Business

Selecting the right equipment for your business is essential in gaining the maximum return on your investment. But achieving great value for money isn’t just about getting your purchase or rental at the lowest price.

There are critical areas that you need to consider if you are to get the machines that best match your workload. Getting the choice of equipment right can have all sorts of benefits, from:

  • Increasing efficiency
  • Increasing productivity
  • Increasing employee morale and stock management
  • Lowering operational costs

It is therefore crucial to find the machine that uniquely suits your needs. Factors such as working environment, type of loads or products to be lifted and budgetary allocations will impact your selection process.

So, how do you go about selecting the best forklift for your business? Well, don’t fret, we’ve done the homework for you.

Here is some helpful information to help you in your decision:
Forklift types

There are different types of forklifts in the transport and logistics industry with each having its own unique use and benefits. The most common types include:

Counterbalance lifts – It has its forks at the front and a weight at the back that counters the front load weight. It is simple to use as it has no extended arms and works effectively on diesel, electricity or LPG.

Walkie trucks– Also known as the Electric Pallet Truck. Here the operator walks behind the machine as it is motorised to lift heavy pallets and manoeuvre into small spaces. The truck comes with a hand throttle that the operator can swiftly move to bring the machine to a smooth stop. There is also double walkie truck with extended forks that allows the operator to transport two pallets at a go.

Reach truck (also known as a high-reach forklift) -This truck is suitable for warehouse operations as it offers a height that other trucks cannot achieve. It uses forks and stabilizing legs to extend to those hard to reach areas. A double reach lift can be used to achieve twice the function and grab two pallets at the same time from the same shelf.

All terrain – These trucks are commonly used on building sites and in circumstances where loads needs be moved over rough, uneven ground. Often referred to as a Manitou (as this is a popular brand), these trucks can lift loads that are palletised or with the use of wide range of attachments.

Order Picker – As the name suggests, this machine is used by most companies to pick orders from a warehouse. The operators can raise and lower themselves while they are still working on the truck.

Container forklifts – These large are essentially large counter balanced machines which are used in the lifting and transportation of shipping containers. They can be fitted with either fork arms or container specific attachments.

Fuel types

The most common types of fuels used are petrol, diesel, LPG or electricity. Each of these has their pros and cons. For instance, LPG powered vehicles are competitively priced and can be used for indoor and outdoor activities. They allow for speedy refuelling, provide quiet operation and have an astounding power to weight ratio. As another perk, they have lower emissions as compared to petrol or diesel and can be more reliable than the other fuels.

Diesel-powered forklifts are easy to refuel and are quite the power tools for outdoor activities but are far noisier. They have more emissions and are therefore unsuitable for indoor operations.

On the other hand, electric powered forklifts are perfect for indoor activities because they have no emissions. On the flip side however, they are not as powerful as LPG or diesel-powered trucks. Another disadvantage is that electric trucks are less suited for outdoor operations since they need to be recharged (usually daily).

Size and type of load

There is a direct relation between the cost of the machine and the capacity that it can lift. It is therefore important to ensure that any trucks that you select can adequately carry your loads without being oversized.

If you do not work with heavy loads, then there is no need to get a pricey high-powered machine.

Things to consider include:
  • What’s your load’s width?
  • What is the average load weight?
  • What’s the heaviest load you need to lift?
  • The kind of stock to be handled by the forklift (will it be palettized etc)?

The best thing to do when choosing a forklift for your business is to create a list of all the things you need or are likely to carry. Remember, the more the forklift can lift, the more expensive it will be.

Lift height/turning radius

Take note of the height boundaries that your forklift will be required to operate within. If there are height restrictions that you need to consider in your workplace/environment such as sealing or beams, then go for a machine that extends within those boundaries. Ie; do require it to work inside of shipping containers and therefore be fitted with a container mast?

Do take note of all the sharp corners and bends that you need to negotiate. Choose a forklift that is capable of negotiating the tightest radius corners.

Hours used per day/week

The hours that your equipment will be required to operate for each day or week will determine whether to rent or buy the machine. If you plan to use the machine regularly for a long period, then buying the forklift would be the better option. Certainly, a viable investment (assuming you get it at a good price).

Moreover, if you buy from a good dealer, you should enjoy some after sale service perks like repair and a maintenance plan.

However, if you only need to use the fork to stand in for another machine that is being serviced; or perhaps you only need it to finish one project, then renting would be a better alternative.

Your budget

Your budget will obviously play a big role in determining the machines that you end up with.

There are ways to save money when you purchase a forklift. For instance; you can buy a second-hand machine instead of throwing money at a new one. If you do have your heart set on a second-hand truck, it is important to have it checked by a professional.

If you want to avoid all the costs, the best option would be to hire the forklift especially if you are operating a small business.

To ensure that your budget can be used in the best way possible, we recommend speaking to one of our helpful Team members. They will be able to recommend great options for stretching your budget as far as possible. We have creative finance and hire options on offer to suit almost any business.

Type of tyres

Forklifts come fitted with either air pneumatic or cushion tyres. They both have unique applicability:

  • Pneumatic tyres (Either solid or air) are designed for heavy-duty lifting and are suitable for outdoor work environments and rough terrains due to traction.
  • Cushion tires are best suited for indoor applications such as a warehouse. They feature a smaller chassis and sit lower to the ground than pneumatic tyres. This feature allows higher manoeuvrability by enabling smaller turning radius. Notably, they are cheaper and more readily available.
Maintenance and service

All this falls on the dealer that you choose to hire or buy the machine from. Review the dealer’s maintenance and service policy and search online for their reputation. You would want to work with a dealer who sticks with what they promise as their after-sale service plan.

At Forkserve, we pride ourselves on being Australia’s leading full-service provider. We’re here to support you from start to finish. From helping you select the very best industrial equipment, to providing the best maintenance and service, we’re here to support you.

For more information and guidance on how to get the very best deal for your organisation, contact us today.

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